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Mining site Mine site photographer. Mining industry photography is a delicate balance of beauty and technical/literal representation. To take successful photos of mining sites and exploration regions one must sell the viewer on the beauty and natural landscape of an area while revealing the technical attributes of a region. in most cases actual deposits or mineralization are located beneath the surface. Taking photos that represent the natural beauty of the region often go a long way in convincing a potential stock holder to invest. By displaying the majesty of the lay of the land the potential stock holder can image the landscape as partially belonging to them. This goes a long way in perceived value of a given stock.


Mining workers: There are a variety of underground and surface mines including copper, gold, palladium and coal for major mining companies at such locations as Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Mongolia, Russia, Indonesia and all over the United States and Canada. Photographing for mining related industries is a challenging task as many consider the industry to be dull and bleak visually. Exploration companies, heavy and miscellaneous equipment suppliers, hydraulics companies can also pose challenges as focal length to subject ratio can be restrictive. Using the best photographic equipment and plain old experience is key to success in the field and anything related to the mining industry and all phases of mining. Mining Operation Photography

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