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The Internet is an invaluable tool for working photographers because it allows them to view new techniques and decide in what new directions they would like to take their work. If you are having a hard time deciding exactly what in the wide realm of commercial photography interests you. Try deciding the opposite first. Make an ongoing list of the types and styles of photography that you know you don't like. Eventually, you will end up with a sense of what you want to do. It is important though to stay positive and respectful when assessing other professional photographers' work.


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Books, magazines, and other publications are important resources for newcomers to the industry and for seasoned professionals. Reading them keeps you informed about new trends in photography and "how to's" regarding technique and lighting styles. You can learn about specialized segments of the commercial photography market, and you can get the inspiration to create exciting visuals of your own. The fact that you are reading this text is a sign that you are already on the right track :)



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