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Most successful commercial photo shoots follow the proceeding plan of action to some degree, and is thus the key business model of Tom Hawkins Photography . The following reveals the thought process and action plans on completing a successful advertising photo shoot. Please bear in mind most of the work is on the photographer end, the client simply needs to communicate their requests and convey their desired outcome. Here are the steps:

1. Communication: Making sure that both the client and photographer are on the same page is of paramount importance. To some degree the most important facet of a commercial photo shoot is the level understanding and communication conveyed between the client and the photographer. Tom Hawkins prides himself with excellent communication skills and the ability to see though the eyes of the client. Much of this accomplished though experience and asking the right questions.

2. Planning: Both logistical and mental planning are key to a hassle free photo shoot. The less surprises and unforeseen obstacles the better. All things from set preparation, comprehensive location scouting, model selection as well as facial structure examination are helpful in the planning stages.

3. Execution: During the photo shoot itself two main aspects are key to foreseeable results.

a) Technical Perfection: Though experience and creative experimentation with lighting and camera methods, Tom Hawkins has developed the technical skill set to attain the results pre-conceptualized in the planning stages.

b) Energy and Comfort level: If there is one element that enables Tom Hawkins to stand out from all others is his infectiously kind and energetic nature. In order to capture the purity and spontaneity of that vital life force, the proper mood must be set thought the duration of the photoshoot.

4. Post Production: In today's digital age, a commonly overlooked aspect of modern photography is proper post production. A raw digital camera file untouched and improperly processed can appear dead and lifeless. Tom Hawkins has access to Western Canada's best photo retouchers and image processors. Please feel free to request before and after examples of proper post production flawlessness.


Questions and Answers regarding Commercial Photography:

Q: We know you can provide to industry professionals but can we bring our own make up / hair / stylist?

A: Yes you can certainly bring any team members you may require.

Q: We have a product or clothing line and know what type of mood and feeling we want to convey, but we are not sure on what the final image should look like, can you help us with some ideas?

A: Yes, this is the type of photography that I thrive on. If you provide me with the mood, feeling, tonality, and some examples of what photographs inspire you, then I can devise a proposed image style and describe/sketch out the final image.

Q: Can you shoot at a location? Such as a restaurant or outdoor location?

A: Yes, my lighting equipment can be fully portable and I have ample experience with location photography. Portable strobe lights and AC battery packs can be arranged if needed.

Q: How can we save money on out Commercial or Advertising photoshoot?

A: Preparation and communication. If all of the products or clothing are prepared in an organized fashion, many more photographs can be taken in a short amount of time.

Q: Are there any additional costs to completing and outdoor photo shoot?

A: Sometimes there can be. Location rentals as well as portable power pack rentals may be applicable. In some special cases separate liability insurance is required if shooting on municipal property. In other cases where natural lighting is used there can be no additional costs.

Q: Can we have access to the RAW files?

A: Yes, but only in the event that you are an advertising or film production agency and will be forwarding the files to your own post production specialist. Tom Hawkins Photography is very concerned with making each commercial image look it's absolute best. This maintains good reputation and professionalism. If straight RAW files are distributed without the proper post production and touch ups, the results can be lack luster and void of punch. Proper color tone and punch are very important elements in commercial photography.













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