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Advice for Shooting with Models

Shooting with models:

If shooting with models: Make sure the models are comfortable and happy

Well fed and Hydrated: Yes Models do eat. If the shoot is lasting longer than say 2 hours make sure to offer food and beverages to the model.

Warm and Dry and Safe:
Sometimes trying to achieve the very best shot photographers can push the model too great lengths: half way submerging in a chilly creek, on the top of a mountain cliff, near the ocean spray etc. Sometimes the photographer can forget about the basic needs and safety of the model. Make sure they are warm, dry and safe at all times. If you must place the model into the elements (wind, rain , water, snow ) be sure to have warm blankets and hot liquids on the ready. Some models vary in their pain and discomfort threshold but be sure to discuss before hand.

Clear mental state:
If a model is taking direction from too many different people at once they can become confused and frustrated. This can happen unknowingly if the photographer is giving directions for posing, the art director is giving directions for mood and placement, and the hair stylist is giving direction for how the hair should hang. You can see how this would become confusing and tiring even for the most experienced model. Try to funnel all the directions through either yourself as photographer or else the art director (if the art director is directing the posing then take a more back seat approach and capture the best photo angles and expressions for each pose). The key is a smooth flow of creativity with all parties working towards a singular vision and mood.

be creepy or suggestive to models or try to hook up. For some male photographers this can be a temptation when first starting out and in the presence of many beautiful women, but trust me you will thank yourself later for maintaining a solid reputation as a legit model or fashion photographer. Unfortunate news travels fast so be professional and respectful at all times :)

Additional notes on models:

Finding the perfect balance between model creativity and the artistic vision of the art director and photographer can take time to achieve. The more time a photographer spends with different types of models the more they will learn the subtle techniques to get the most out of each session. Every person is different and responds differently to certain suggestions and direction, even professional models. Likewise as a model progresses through their career and gains experience with many photo shots they will be accustomed to the different photographer styles and ultimately more confident in their ability to project moods.

When working with super professional models there is a real air of confidence which results in a continuity of mood and pose. Seasoned professional models intuitively anticipate the direction and mood of the photo shoot and act out the best angles and expressions. They are working towards the end vision of the shoot. In some cases I have see models taking into account the angle of light pointing at them.

Since it is custom to start modeling at a young age, one of that largest obstacles for beginner models starting out is being in tune with their bodies and expressions. At a delicate time when a young person is discovering themselves it can be challenging to be thrust into the sometimes judgmental fashion atmosphere. It takes more than just being beautiful it takes a supreme confidence in self and a desire to act for mood and build a relationship with the camera.








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