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The Following information of for the aspiring model and models with little or no experience.

Models in Vancouver

• A Models' number one objective is to sell:
Some Models loose sight of this fundamental principal. It is the job of the model to allow the product to look as appealing as possible. The two elements of the model and the product (be it fashion clothing or cosmetics etc..) must compliment each other in complete harmony. In short models make their money enhancing products or the portrayed image of a product.

• A Models' relationship with the camera:

• Loosing yourself in the moment

• Playing the part

•Releasing oneself from the mental confines of societal indoctrination

• Connect to Photographer or art directors vision.

* Do not see the camera as a obstacle of nervousness but as a medium to realize your physical beauty and energy.

Modeling Portfolio

A modeling portfolio - or book - is a collection of the model's best, professionally produced photographs. This can contain completed print works but more importantly if a model is just starting out; a series of dynamic and full ranged photographs that best show off the models potential. Snapshots and unprofessional shots taken by friends do not count and have no place in your model portfolio.
Depending on where you are in your career, your model portfolio would contain photographs produced specifically for your portfolio, tear sheets (published photographs from past assignments, torn out of magazines) or a mixture of both.

If you have decided that you do in fact need a portfolio, it is important to know model portfolio is your calling card, and consequently the single-most important investment in your career. Do the work: Research your options wisely and choose carefully. Even if you do not use the excellent services of Tom Hawkins Photography, do yourself a serious favor and hire a true professional with a decent amount of portfolio experience. Vancouver is chalked full of photographers but only a selected handful posses the skills and experience needed to accomplish professional level model portfolios.

Be prepared to part with some money. The cheapest photographer you can find may not be your best bet. Success is the result of solid investment and hard work, not merely getting a low price on photos. It is unrealistic to assume that you can attain success and money from investing nothing at all. In most cases the cost for your portfolio will be happily recouped after one of two professional modeling jobs.

Comp Cards (or Zed Cards), if well designed, are an impressive and relatively low-cost marketing tool that you can use as a door opener and a reminder of who you are. These are also known as leave behinds.

Model Portfolio Creation

Tom Hawkins Photography can help to create visually stunning and most flattering modeling portfolios for both male and female models. From those who are new to the industry to seasoned veterans Tom Hawkins Photography has a package that can suit your requirements and budget. Please call or email to enquire about a modeling portfolio package that would best to suit your needs. More information on modeling careers in vancouver >











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