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How does one really get started with all of these different tools and resources? That is a loaded question we will address in two parts. First and most importantly, you must decide you are committed to learning about and experiencing all kinds of commercial photography. Secondly, you must set some goals on a time line. If you are going to college, for example, you should decide whether that will be a two or four year program. If you are a professional in another held thinking of making a career switch, then ask yourself how long you need to make the is transition.

Decide how you will make that big switch using the resources we've described. It doesn't matter if you end up being slightly off target with the goals you set up. You can always reevaluate them and your time line. What matters is that you actually set some at a parameters and goals for yourself. They are required for gaining discipline and working toward a successful transition. As you move ins further and further into the business realm, you'll understand the importance of establishing and setting goals.


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If you are a working professional, you still need to determine what it is that you like about your career is and what you feel is working. Then you need to evaluate what you want to change or add to it. Sometimes that means raising your prices, but more often it means creating new portfolios and rejuvenating yourself so that your photography is still enjoyable and fresh.

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